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Take a look below at some of the insurance services we provide. Click Here to view some of the carriers we represent. Then let one of our agents discuss your needs and help you find the best option for you and your family. You can also request a quote using our online quote forms.

Auto Insurance that fits your needs!

Our independent agency has access to multiple A Rated carriers for auto , home and all other insurance needs. We quote your coverage with all of these companies to offer you the best coverage for the best price. The opposite of an independent agency is a captive agency. The captive agency offers one company only. And, companies change rates often, so it is in your best interest to review your policy annually. At renewal, we automatically rerate our clients. This guarantees you the lowest rate available. Please complete our quote questionnaire and we'll have a response to you within 1 business day. If you need a quote now and it is during our hours of operation, please feel free to give us a call.

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Homeowners Insurance that fits your needs!

Finding homeowner's insurance in Florida from a reputable company is difficult.  Finding a company to insure you in Pasco County is even worse.  We have A-rated carriers that WILL provide coverage for you if you're in Pasco!  Proudly serving Pasco, Hillsborough, and surrounding counties.
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Business Insurance that fits your needs!

Business insurance can be complicated. To provide the coverage you need, we have to understand your business. We have a great deal of experience and know just what coverage to provide for any business type. Call us and see.
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Term Life Insurance that fits your needs!

Get the right protection for your family. Term Life insurance may be just what you need for the period in your life where inexpensive coverage is available while your family needs you the most. If you are not there, this coverage will see them through this critical period. Unversal Life is also available for leaving a legacy your family will appreciate when they are older and they know you remembered them. Please call us to help you understand the difference each provides.
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Flood Insurance

Homeowner's insurance does not cover flood damage. In fact, it is purposely excluded from your homeowner's insurance and you have to sign an acknowledgement waiver form as part of your application.

When securing your home here in Florida, you are not finished until you purchase Flood Insurance. When you hear someone say that "I am not is a flood zone", remember All of Florida is in a flood zone. The question is, is it a preferred zone or a standard zone? A FEMA map is what we use to determine this. If you are in a preferred zone, you have PREFERRED RATES. If you are in a standard zone, you will need an elevation certificate to determine your premium.

Please call us now. Flood policies typically require thirty days before they become effective. And if there are named storms in the area, the FEMA site that issues these policies is CLOSED.

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Or Medicare specialist can answer all of your questions. Medicare is evolving. Know what is available so you can make the right choice the first time.

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance does not have to be expensive if you configure your coverage to fit your needs. Not enough coverage and you are lost in the event of a claim. Too much coverage and you will waste money. Call us. We can explain it all to you.
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My experience with Sue Casey's insurance expertise has been and is excellent. She did outstanding work, at my request, in creating an umbrella policy with my Homeowners and Auto Liability, getting discounts for upgrading various city code requirements in the home improvement process as well as storm shudders and roofing brackets for added strength in storm protection. Obtaining auto safety discounts also were helpful in reducing the premiums. I am grateful for her professional courtesy and knowledge of insurance regulations to protect her clients to the best of her ability. I have total confidence in her knowledge and personal interest in details. She is MY AGENT. Robert D. Bass, Tampa, FL 33612
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